Tuesday, April 26, 2011

UPCON 2011, awesome here we come.

So the long adventure is drawing to a close. And by that I mean we're about to hit the longest stretch. With just under 2 weeks to go I'm starting to become a hermit, and by that I mean running around and yelling, actually politely speaking, to many many people.

The fact that UPCON is happening this year is actually close to a miracle, since there have been a substantial list of problems Old blog post on UPCON problems but in the end we managed to sort most of the problems out. Keeping in mind that post was back from January, so would be correct in assuming that at least a few more bugs came around for squashing.

So now all that is left to do is pull off an awesome con, and some stuff along the way.

Now I'll blather about some people who deserve more praise than can ever be said.

Firstly Herman and Shaun, our MTG and Wargaming reps respectively. These guys have been organising some massive stuff. We are hosting the Magic pre-lease at UPCON so that adds a lot to the Magic organisation. And this year we have had the largest registration for WH40K, ever! So big that we will in all likelihood have to find a larger venue for next years UPCON.

Marie for her continual tracking of module writers for the con, oh ye module blurbs here.

Grant for his continual support of gaming, UPCON, and general geek culture in South Africa. Ashley our treasurer for running around and pricing everything, as well as doing our shopping and making sure we have what we need.

Gordon and Mellisa, for their continual help and support of crazy ideas and help in keeping the TKV running.

Last but not least is Dina, she is very much the life blood of UPCON, if we renamed it to DinaCON I don't think anyone who has worked with the con for the past decade or so would mind. She has always come through and helped pulling us out of the dark and making sure the con happens, and happens correctly. This is especially so this year with the bugs that we have encountered.

And those who I surely have not forgotten, our dedicated and new UPCON goers. They, and very potentially YOU, are the reason we run around like loons, go prematurely grey, and various other weird and horrid things that happen to us. It is all for them and we think they rock.

To those who have and do contribute to UPCON, but have been omitted, from this post I offer my sincere apologies. But if you get in contact with me I shall make sure you are included when I do my next post about the con.

Thank You :)

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