Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not here . . .

I normally don't do the personal blog post. While I post my opinion, I don't do the introspective post. But this is different.

I just found out that a friend of mine has passed on. He was one of the few people who earned my complete respect and more. He seemed to know everything yet never was arrogant about it. He was kind and gentle and gave an ear and comfort. His death is truly one I mourn. And it would be at this time that I find the right words are not to be found.

Humanity has lost one of its greats, and it never even knew he was there.

So much has been lost with his passing. And nothing gained.

A tear spilled is too many
Men weep as nations
The light has ceased
They cannot see

Forget not time
No name in sands
Nor whisper of winds

Eternal are your rights
Moment our existence
But yours a moment
Too soon

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Magicka Review

Magicka is one of those satirical RPG games. Or something. Well in short it is awesome and I have never had so much fun and laughter from dying.

Magicka is as you could guess about the magical spell that one has at their disposal, these are earth, fire, water, ice, lightning, arcane, healing, and shield. These spells can be combined to give you other spells. So I could shoot a boulder at someone by using earth or I can shoot a molten piece of rock that explodes.

The controls are simply complex. And by that I mean they are simple but have a lot of depth to them. You cast a spell by clicking a corresponding key, fire is f, then you can use your right mouse button to cast it. But. You can hold shift and right click to do and aoe around you, you can shift and left click to charge it into your sword, or if your character has learnt a spell of awesome™ you can press spacebar to unleash it.

The audio provides a rather pleasant listening experience, and all the characters speak in a sort of simlish language leaving you to read speech bubbles.

Graphically the game looks great and the spells make you smile when they go of, and you feel the sheen of polish to the appearance to the game that just makes enjoyable.

The best part of the game, second to throwing "balls of magick™" is the story. And in case you didn't read the first line, it's satirical. The opening line of Magicka makes light of two of more of the most popular and influential RPGs to have existed, this continues with the meme reffence throughout the game and makes the inner nerd most happy

My only gripe is the saving, which would be the lack their of. When you reach a check point it doesn't save you there, so if you leave the game you start at the beginning of the chapter.

Oh and it's only $10 on Steam and a 700mb download. So have fun.